Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flashback Friday...a little late!

After spending quite a bit of time shuffling through old photographs, I thought it would be fun to spend one day each week uncovering or remembering "lost" memories through photos. I will be posting memories along with pictures each week.. this week I wanted to focus on Halloween as it is steadily approaching. My mom is so amazing, she made almost every halloween costume I've ever worn. Halloween was always a fun time around our house! My spent many years in Young Men's and did "Haunted Houses" for our ward Halloween Parties each year, which were always so fun (and scary). He used to take us Trick or Treating while my Mom stayed home to pass out candy. Our house as always decked out in halloween garb and always made quite the impression on passer-bys. I love Halloween even more now that it is Brian's birthday.. so many more reasons to celebrate and enjoy this time of year!

Here's to many more wonderful Halloweens!! Sorry this week's post is late!!

I think I was four, this was the first Halloween at the "New House" on East Lincoln. I was a bunny rabbit and Stevie was Superman!

I used to drink out of Scottie's baby bottles ( I would put apple juice in them)...apparently I missed being a baby! This year I was a pumpkin, I think I was 5.

I was 'Snow White' in the first grade, I definitely had one of the best costumes in my class, thanks to my darling & talented mother!

I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in the fourth grade, Scottie was a pirate and Davie was a Firefighter!

Happy Haunting!


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  1. That's a good post! I remember some of those costumes! Thanks fir the cure post!